• Iron Sheriff

    2 seasons

    Real Sheriffs. Real Stories. Witness the reality of policing firsthand, living and breathing alongside the real-life heroes safeguarding our streets.

  • Chris Hansen Live Events

    1 season

  • Nick Off Duty

    2 seasons

    Florida Police Officer Nick Perez Takes An Entertaining Look At Other Agencies' Vehicles.

  • Firehouse Dining

    1 season

    Some of the country's best and most creative chefs are serving those who serve us. Firehouse Dining takes a fun look at talented Firefighter Chefs across the country.

  • True Crime Nation with Chris Hansen

    1 season

    Chris Hansen closely examines the crimes affecting our nation.

  • Takedown with Chris Hansen

    8 seasons

    Over the past two decades, Chris Hansen's investigations have led to hundreds of would-be sex criminals being stopped in their tracks. Amazingly, after 500 arrests and hundreds of millions of video views, men continue to try to meet children online. So, his mission continues.

  • Crime Stoppers Case Files

    6 seasons

    Homicide detectives and forensic experts give insights on tragic crime cases, along with reenactments and survivors still searching for justice.