American Sheriff Network - Mini-sodes

American Sheriff Network - Mini-sodes

We’re getting you back in the front seat and inside Sheriff departments across America for exclusive access. Their stories will keep you on the edge of your seat.

American Sheriff Network - Mini-sodes
  • Ep.1 - Mini-sode: Waterway Policing

    Community engagement is an important part of policing and shows that police don’t only have to be involved in a negative context. Hear one officer's attempts at bringing the community and the Sheriffs together.

  • Ep.2 - Mini-sode: Donkey Town

    Deputies are needed to police all sorts of neighborhoods every day. Even this quaint little donkey town. Any opportunity to improve community relations and connect with the people they are sworn to protect.

  • Ep.3 - Mini-sode: You Had Me With The Beer Cans

    A suspicious vehicle leads the Deputy to run the ID of a young woman who the Deputy suspects has been drinking. But if he isn’t sure she was driving, all he can do is ensure she is safe.

  • Ep.4 - Mini-sode: A Different World

    The real-life side of patrolling the waterways on boat patrol. Constant calls, lack of resources, and the paperwork still has to get done.

  • Ep.5 - Mini-sode: Flashlight Biker

    A man is riding his bike along dark roads at night. For safety's sake, the Deputy needs to pull him over, ensure he is ok, and add lights for the future.

  • Ep.6 - Mini-sode: Cleaned Up & Ready to Go

    Deputies aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. Taking care of their equipment is safer for them and is going to give them an opportunity for more community engagement.

  • Ep.7 - Mini-sode: Broken Windows

    A neighbor is accused of trespassing and damaging property. If the victims are too scared to press charges, the Deputies are forced to give a minimum response.

  • Ep.8 - Mini-sode: Kids Tell The Truth

    Deputies respondes to a suspicious RV complaint in Nye County, Nevada. When the deputy talks to the owners, he finds that kids often tell the truth more than adults.

  • Ep.9 - Mini-sode: I'm Lucky to Be Here

    Lieutenant Murphy shares some of the struggles of being an officer and the losses the job can take. In the end, the love for the job keeps him going.

  • Ep.10 - Mini-sode: Rapid SOS

    Simple false alarm phone calls lead to a significant number of calls that sheriffs have to deal with. Deputies must go check in and make sure everyone is safe luckily, everyone is good, and back to bed, they go.

  • Ep.11 - Mini-sode: Welfare Checklist

    Deputy Gideon has his checklist of everything he looks for when doing a welfare check. See him use this to help ensure everyone is safe.

  • Ep.12 - Mini-sode: Japanese Steakhouse

    Deputies respond to a radio call of a fight in progress at a bowling alley. Once on scene, it looks like the problem actually started at a Japanese Steakhouse. Only now seems like no one is talking.

  • Ep.13 - Mini-sode: WCSO Bailout

    A simple stop for a light out on the car leads to a high-speed chase. Bring in the dogs to track them down.

  • Ep.14 - Mini-sode: I love this van

    Traffic accidents can be hazardous. Everyone is walking away, even if you lose the van you love.

  • Ep.15 - Mini-sode: Wicked Bright

    Deputy Parsons hears all sorts of excuses when he pulls people over, including this one when a driver runs a red light.

  • Ep.16 - Mini-sode: My Bad

    Going the wrong way on the highway - Sometimes, "My bad" doesn't apply.

  • Ep.17 - Mini-sode: I Want To Be Independent

    A custody dispute turns into a high-speed chase between a father and a mother. Luckily deputies can get involved and slow everything down.

  • Ep.18 - Mini-sode: Going for the Dig

    A neighborhood feud finds deputies having to de-escalate racial tension as the woman in the middle admits she’s taking matters into her own hands.

  • Ep.19 - Mini-sode: Dangerous Spike

    Deputies receive a report of a spike by the road that is hazardous to walkers. They have to investigate and work with the homeowner to get it removed.

  • Ep.20 - Mini-sode: Driving A Deadly Weapon

    Road rage has a way of turning from bad to worse. Sometimes people forget they are driving a deadly weapon every day.

  • Ep.21 - Mini-sode: These Cows

    Cows are running loose through the streets. The kind of calls these deputies respond to is constantly changing.

  • Ep.22 - Mini-sode: Following In His Footsteps

    Every deputy has their own reasons for joining up. Here Deputy Farkas tells her story about why she chose to do this job.

  • Ep.23 - Mini-sode: My Mom's A Cop

    Every deputy has their own story about joining the Sheriff's office. Deputy Layton's motivation also includes making her children proud.

  • Ep.24 - Mini-sode: Baby On Board

    Losing control of your vehicle can be very dangerous, especially when a baby is in the vehicle. This is another life-and-death situation these deputies have to deal with daily.