American Sheriff Network - Iron Sheriff

American Sheriff Network - Iron Sheriff

We’re getting you back in the front seat and inside Sheriff departments across America for exclusive access. Their stories will keep you on the edge of your seat.

American Sheriff Network - Iron Sheriff
  • Ep.18 - Iron Sheriff - Neo-Nazi Nightmare

    During a night patrol, Sheriff Swanson, Deputy Chris Carone, and his K-9 partner, Cratos, encounter an unexpected situation. The routine patrol takes a thrilling turn when they stumble upon a suspicious residence known as a hot house. This dwelling is home to a potentially dangerous individual wi...

  • Ep.17 - Iron Sheriff - Speeding Ticket Surprise

    In a tense encounter, Sergeant Jones pulls over a disgruntled Manny for careless driving. With the assistance of the K-9 unit, suspicions arise of potential drug involvement.

  • Ep.16 - Iron Sheriff - The Heart of Eddy County

    Sheriff Mark Cage sheds light on his role within the county and discusses his deep-rooted community involvement. The conversation takes a familiar turn as Chris interviews Cage's son, delving into the dynamics of working together in the sheriff's office and the mutual respect that binds them.

  • Ep.15 - Iron Sheriff - Major Drug Bust: Thousands of Pills!

    In a sweeping sting operation, Eddy Counties dedicated team made their mark on the war against drugs. The operation results in a monumental bust of a local fentanyl dealer, disrupting a significant supply chain.

  • Ep.14 - Iron Sheriff - Out with a Flashbang

    Sheriff Swanson and Deputy Cage immerse themselves in local camaraderie at a neighborhood bar, fostering conversations around community and a possible poltergeist! Then, Sheriff Ortega provides an insightful overview of the SWAT team's operations.

  • Ep.13 - Iron Sheriff - Lawmen of the Desert

    Introducing Sheriff Mark Cage of Eddy County, New Mexico - a man who proudly dons a cowboy hat, embodying the spirit of the Old West. His dedication goes beyond maintaining law and order; it extends to fostering strong relationships within his community, reflecting his belief in a sheriff's role ...

  • Ep.12 - Iron Sheriff - Jaws of Justice

    Step into the thrilling world of law enforcement with Sheriff Chris Swanson as he bravely dons the protective bite suit and experiences the formidable power of a trained K-9 unit firsthand. This riveting segment offers viewers a visceral understanding of the physical prowess and discipline these ...

  • Ep.11 - Iron Sheriff - The Unsolved Murder of Heather Bogle

    Sheriff Chris Hilton unravels the intricate details of how he cracked an infamous Ohio murder case that had remained an enigma under his predecessor's tenure. In this compelling narrative, Sheriff Hilton illuminates the relentless detective work and strategic use of resources that led to a breakt...

  • Ep.10 - Iron Sheriff - SWAT Shootout

    "Follow an intense SWAT team training session led by Major Nick, an expert in tactical operations. Next up, a friendly shooting contest between Sheriff Swanson and Sheriff Chris Hilton, injecting a dose of friendly rivalry into their professional rapport. Witness this exciting showdown as these t...

  • Ep.9 - Iron Sheriff - Hi Chris, I'm Chris

    Sandusky County, Ohio, may seem like just another rural community to outsiders, but its dynamic Sheriff, Chris Hilton, brings an extraordinary presence that resonates throughout the county. Embark on a historical tour of Sandusky's old jail, a place steeped in stories of the past. Venture into t...

  • Ep.8 - Iron Sheriff - Feelin’ Like A Bounty Hunter

    Sheriff Chris Swanson goes on an intense ride-along with a dedicated team of law enforcement officers. Their mission? To traverse the vast expanse of Mecklenburg County in pursuit of individuals who have outstanding arrest warrants.

  • Ep.7 - Iron Sheriff - SWAT Hostage Extraction

    Embark on an immersive journey into the heart of Mecklenburg County's SWAT Team operations. Witness their strategic brilliance and physical prowess as they engage in a meticulously planned Hostage Extraction Exercise. This unique behind-the-scenes access provides an unfiltered view of the precisi...

  • Ep.6 - Iron Sheriff - The Men in the Black Pajamas

    Experience Mecklenburg County's jail system, where the dedicated Tactical Response Unit (TRU) showcases its meticulous approach to safety and security. Sheriff Swanson switches roles in a thrilling twist to get a firsthand experience of a cell extraction procedure. Placed inside the cell, he expe...

  • Ep.5 - Iron Sheriff - The Sheriff with Style: Gary McFadden

    "In Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, there's a dynamic and charismatic Sheriff: Garry McFadden. Known for his distinctive style and genuine Southern charm, Sheriff McFadden's dedication to justice is only matched by his heart of gold.


  • Ep.4 - Iron Sheriff - Undercover Operation

    Embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure with Sheriff Swanson and Wayne County's Special Operations Unit in an undercover operation. From confronting individuals involved in prostitution to engaging in heart-stopping high-speed chases, this is an unfiltered glimpse into the daily challenges and t...

  • Ep.3 - Iron Sheriff - K-9s and Crack busts

    Sheriff Swanson takes to the streets of Wayne County with the K-9 and Morality team in a proactive operation. The mission? To disrupt the cycle of drug possession that continues to plague the community. The team's skilled K-9 units play a crucial role, and their keen senses detect illegal substan...

  • Ep.2 - Iron Sheriff - Motorcycles, Hotdogs, & Horses, Oh my!

    Swanson and Washington embark on a riveting journey through Wayne County, offering an exclusive peek into the county's esteemed motor and equestrian divisions. Brace yourself for an unexpected twist as they cap off their adventure with a surprise visit to an iconic local lunch hotspot. It's a uni...

  • Ep.1 - Iron Sheriff - Welcome to Wayne County

    Meet Sheriff Raphael Washington. A distinguished figure in law enforcement with a staggering four-decade-long career. Tune in as we delve deep into Washington's unabashed passion for his community and the people he serves, showcasing the spirit of dedication that defines his remarkable tenure.

  • Ep.1 - Iron Sheriff: You're a bitch

    Deputies respond to an extreme intoxication and trespassing call. As things escalate, they call an ambulance to ensure everyone is healthy, even the man yelling obscenities at them.

  • Ep.2 - Iron Sheriff: Howdy Mohave County

    Emergency call for a potential drowning. The Sheriffs jump into action and begin the process of attempting to locate this man. Life threatening situations are a regular part of policing on the lake.

  • Ep.3 - Iron Sheriff: Howdy Nye County

    A 911 call about an accident between an ATV and a dog brings Deputies to the edge of Mohave, AZ. When the man is gone, and the ATV is abandoned there, officers have to search to find this man and see if he is injured.

  • Ep.4 - Iron Sheriff: Roadside Justice

    A reckless, intoxicated driver finds himself on the wrong side of some vigilante justice when a group of civilians attacks him after he crashes his vehicle. Deputies are left to pick up the pieces and tend to the wounded man.

  • Ep.5 - Iron Sheriff: Waterway Deputies

    Being a waterway deputy is a lot different than just plain patrol. You get to see people in a different state. When you are a police officer, you generally see people in distress. We have to do hard things, but we also see people as they enjoy themselves.

  • Ep.6 - Iron Sheriff: No Idea Warrant

    Deputies are responding to a call stating that a suspect kicked down a door and entered the home with a gun attempting to recover their stolen property.